Andrea Großfuss

1996-2003 studies, Industrial design,
HfbK Hamburg

Olaf Kießling

1994-1996 studies, Constructional engineer,
Technical University Stuttgart

1996-2001 studies, Industrial design,
Academy of Fine Arts & Design Stuttgart

2000 Work for Nils Holger Moormann,
Aschau am Chiemsee

2002-2003 Work for design office
“Atelier-Centrale”, Hamburg


2003 Foundation of design office
“Sternform Produktgestaltung”, Ulm

2006, Foundation of own production and
sales company Pling-Collection, Ulm


We try to walk through life open-eyed and to
react adequately. Additionally, we don´t want
to think of the functions of things only, but we
also care about life being as pleasant as possible
with them - good handling, a smile, an insight,
amazement, a pleasant movement, a lightening.